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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
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Winds of Change

I feel a breeze in the blogosphere. Perhaps its a natural progression of an Internet addict to advance from the free services toward the more robust control and flexibility of a web host. I've resisted the change for years (the Tannish Page, started when GeoCities was its own company, has been around the block a time or two.)

It started yesterday evening with a conversation with my teenage daughter and her neophytes blogging experience. As an artistic type, she's concerned about plagiarism and wants to include the Creative Commons copy protection to her blogs. Unfortunately, her free Earthlink web space, utilizing Trellix, is lame as a blogging tool - I've noted this before - and she's steered away from the site there toward Blogs.com, who won't let you tinker with the templates without paying $25 yearly. Being a high-schooler, that's too much money for her. Unbeknown to me, she's been agonizing over this for weeks: It finally came out yesterday.

In the interests of being a "good papa" and to serve my own self-interests as well, I bit the proverbial bullet and signed up with a hosting service I've been ogling for a while. Included in the low monthly charge is registration of two domains - one for each of us - and a decent package of extras. Neither of us expect much traffic, so this should work for the next couple years or until she's off to college, whichever happens first.

The next move is to... well, move. I'm not sure how one goes about this, but that's the challenge isn't it? As I've already taken a tentative step toward a new blog concept, Who knows whrere the winds of change will deposit me?


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