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Monday, June 05, 2006
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If You Sit On The Fence, Do Your Legs Dangle To Both Sides?

Where sits the Media, really?

I can’t count the many times the MSM gets bashed by all concerned parties. The Right has innumerable knee-jerk allusions of how far left the media is. Lately, the progressives – we dare not associate with the term “liberal” – are singing in counterpoint how the same media is in the pockets of the Repulsives… the Repugnants… the… Oh, you get the idea.

Does this mean the media is actually functioning properly? If both sides are whining, then both sides must own sufficient representation. One caveat is the tendency of a news outlet to pander to the dollar, meaning the whole paper (for example) will lean the same way, in order to maximize its readership. An understandable response when viewed as an item of commerce. An unfortunate byproduct of such homogenization is the ease in which we all can avoid hearing both sides of an argument; too easily can we ignore what we don’t want to hear.

That is precisely how our dipolar political standoff has occurred. Back in the day In my grandfathers time, newspapers were obliged by a common code of honor to represent both sides of a difficult conundrums; acting as their own police, they understood that honesty was tantamount to capitalistic gain. Not so, anymore: Money is the walk, the talk, and the entire meaningful universe to corporate news outlets. Money decides what is printed, pandered, and propagated. So much for the good-old-days.

So if media is getting a bad rap from progressives and congressives alike, where do they stand?


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